Weighing the Pros and Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

destination wedding pros and consThe option for a destination wedding often comes across when a couple start planning for the wedding. Most couples find this type of wedding more exciting than the traditional wedding setup. They think that a destination wedding has a lot to offer and can make their big day really special and memorable.

But well like other types of weddings, a destination wedding has its pros and cons. Engaged couples should weigh in on things before deciding whether or not it is suitable for them. They need to know what lies ahead when they choose a destination wedding.

If you are considering a destination wedding, here are some pros and cons that you need to weigh in on destination weddings.


  1. Easier to execute

Several wedding experts say that a destination wedding is much simpler and easier to execute. There are fewer decors needed since the venue is expected to be smaller and more simple-looking. You can order fewer flowers, food, printed invitations, and other wedding items. It is also easier to execute things like assign tables or seats since you expect fewer guests.

  1. Bond with closest

You can invite only the closest family and friends thus making it possible to spend more quality time with the ones you love. You will only entertain fewer guests during the wedding party so you will have more time to have fun and talk to them.

  1. Practical and less costly

A destination wedding is considered by many as more practical since most setups are simpler than the traditional. You can save cost on the wedding venue, food, flowers, service of your   Hampshire wedding photographer and even in your wedding dress especially if you will have a beach wedding. Brides usually wear a lighter and simpler wedding dress for a beach wedding. Further, if you want to save more, you can choose to have your wedding on an off-season date so services and products are usually lower.

  1. Less stressful, more relaxing

A destination wedding can be relaxing and stress-free to couples especially when done at the beach or similar destination. You will love the calm and relaxing atmosphere outdoors and even your guests will feel more comfortable.

  1. Honeymoon straightaway

Your wedding venue can also be your honeymoon spot. You can straightaway have your honeymoon after the wedding party. No need to travel far and no time is wasted.


  1. Obtain permits and docs

Some countries require submission of certain documents in order for the marriage to be considered legal and acceptable. There are also locations where in local permits have to be obtained before you can have your wedding there.

  1. Limited capacity

The limited capacity of the venue can be a disadvantage if you are planning to invite plenty of guests. You have to inquire from the venue manager how many persons can the place fit in. It would help if you can list your guests starting with immediate family members and closest friends. Remember that you do not have to invite every on you know, you can save on cost if you have limited number of guests.. They will need to obtain passport, visa or similar requirements. Even your wedding photographer Staffordshire might need to secure papers. But well, if you inform them ahead then they would still find time to save money for the travel. You can also try to choose a venue that won’t require them to sp

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons, you should be able to weigh in on things and decide if destination wedding is a good choice for you or not.

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