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Top 6 Wedding Photos That Couples Expect from You


wedding photography tipsIn wedding photography, the photos produced by wedding photographers are expected to tell a story of love and joy. A wedding photo can be considered brilliant if it is visually appealing and if it can powerfully conveys the emotions and expressions of the persons in it.

Couples basically hire a wedding photographer to take photos of their special bond. They want the moments of their wedding to be captured on camera and printed for safekeeping. Some couples even give a wedding shot list to their wedding photographer so he/she will be guided on what wedding photos are really important for the couples to have.

If you are a newbie wedding photographer and you are not sure on what wedding photos are important for couples, then here are the top 6 wedding photos that couples expect from you.

  1. The wedding dress

Before the wedding ceremony starts, find time to arrange the bride’s wedding dress and take shots of it. The bride will really appreciate you for showing importance and giving her a wonderful remembrance of this special item. Capture also the groom’s suit as well as their shoes, accessories and other wedding items. Don’t forget also to take shots of the bridal bouquet.

  1. The walk down the aisle

The bride walking down the aisle towards her groom while being escorted by her father is one of the most anticipated moments in a wedding. At this very moment, the bride, the groom and their families are usually emotional. You will see them showing mixed emotions of joy, sadness and excitement. This is one of the most remarkable moments during the wedding event that you should be able to photograph.

  1. Exchange of wedding vows

Another important moment that must not forget to shoot pictures of is the exchanging of vows by the couple. Even if you are positioned from afar and don’t hear any sound, you can use a zoom or telephoto lens to capture this highlighted moment. Make sure to capture the sincerity, love and joy in the couple’s eyes. Give focus on the couple’s face particularly the eyes.

  1. The first kiss as newlywed couple

The first kiss as husband and wife is very much anticipated by the guests. They are excited to witness the last part of the wedding that is sealed with a kiss.

Make sure to plan ahead on where to position yourself so you will not miss this moment. It would be a disaster if you the photographer failed to catch this. The bride and groom will surely feel disappointed or even mad if you miss this moment or you were not able to produce a brilliant shot of their first kiss as couple. Our London wedding photographers never miss photographing this moment.

  1. The wedding reception

Planning for a wedding entails preparing the wedding reception to make it look magnificent. Since the couple spent a lot of money, time and effort in making their wedding successful then it is great for them to be able to keep pictures of the whole wedding setup.

Arrive at the venue earlier than the guests so you can capture great shots of the wedding venue/s.

  1. Group shot of the couple with their guests

A memorable picture of the newlywed couple with their guests behind or surrounding them is surely something worth keeping for a lifetime. The couple will surely thank you for being able to capture a picture of them with their special guests.

There are other wedding photos that are worth capturing but the 6 mentioned above are among the most request pictures. Make sure to plan and prepare ahead so the coverage will surely be perfect.

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