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Reasons Professional Photographers Use DSLR

digital single lens reflexWhen we see a person holding a DSLR, we often assume that he/she is a professional photographer. We think that he/she photographs people, events, and places. Well, this assumption is expected especially since most professional shooters really do use a DSLR camera.

Yes, most, if not all, professional photographers love to use a DSLR camera. You can try to observe the wedding photographer hired to cover your friend’s wedding or the professional shooter taking portraits in a studio and you will notice that they use a huge DSLR camera with lens in taking pictures.

Here are several reasons why professional photographers prefer using DSLR cameras than other types of camera.

  1. They can produce better high-resolution pictures.

A DSLR camera can help professional photographers produce higher resolution pictures that can make their clients gasp in awe. The pictures taken from DSLR cameras are mostly sharp, detailed and clear. DSLR also offer a wonderful shallow depth of field thus giving more focus on your subject.

  1. It is easier for them to enhance pictures taken from a DSLR camera.

Professional photographers of Karen Wiltshire Photography also find it easier to edit or improve their captured images especially those shoot in difficult situations. They can choose to shoot in RAW so their image captures remains unprocessed and still raw. A raw file is easier to enhance later during post processing using Lightroom or Photoshop.

  1. They can shoot faster with a DSLR.

A DSLR is way faster than the old point and shoot camera that photographers used before. A professional photographer can also shoot faster especially when he/she needs to capture action or moving subjects. Photographers can adjust the settings and even choose from the different shooting mode like aperture priority, shutter priority or auto mode depending on what they deem is suitable to use.

  1. They can use various lenses for a more accurate type of shoot.

Interchangeable lens option is one of the features that professional photographers really love. They can change the lens anytime they want and whenever necessary to achieve the image they desire. Lenses like wide angle lenses are best for landscape photographers and for sports or action, a zoom lens or telephoto lens is also great. There are just too many to choose from which is why photographers love to use DSLR cameras.

  1. They can shoot well in low light.

Shooting in low light is a challenge that most professional photographers need to undergo and counter at some point in their shooting career. There are places where light is insufficient thus making it difficult to get a clear shot. But then, with the advent of DSLRs, it is now possible to produce an image even in low light.

A photographer can just adjust the setting of their camera to slow shutter speed so more light can come in or increase the ISO level to what they think is best so light coming into the camera is sufficient. They are cautious though when it comes to choosing a high ISO since it can sometimes create noise so they just increase it appropriately.

If you read more articles on DSLRs, you will know more reasons why professional photographers choose to shoot using a DSLR.

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8 Top Tips to Excel in Professional Photography

professional photographyTaking pictures is a fun thing to do. We love shooting images of the beautiful things we see around us. Some of us take photography seriously and decide to pursue a career as photographers. We underwent training to hone our skills and took photography course to learn the right info.

Being a photographer is not that easy though. It takes time before you can learn the important lessons for this profession. It is also quite difficult to start and run a photography business but of course it is possible if you are really determined in doing so. You need to know the right way to do things and the best techniques and tips to make you stand out among the flock of professional photographers.

Here are the top 8 tips that can help you excel in professional photography.

  1. Prepare a business plan

A business plan consists of your goals, strategies, marketing methods and every important detail that can affect your photography business. You can list in your business plan the tasks you need to do, the time frame for each of your goal, the marketing method you want to implement as well as the expenses you will need to incur. Make sure to cover every vital element in running a photography business.

  1. Build your network

A strong network is what you need when running your business. You need to inform you friends, relatives and acquaintances about the business you are starting. Try to get important connections within the photography industry. Make friends with your fellow photographers for they might, in some ways, help you promote your business and send clients your way.

  1. Choose a specialization

Once you have learned the basics of photography, you have to choose a form of photography that you want to focus on or specialize in. By doing so, you can target the right clients and they will know what form of photography you are good at. For example, you can choose quirky wedding photography if you love shooting weddings or newborn photography if you think you are great in handling newborns in a photo shoot. Follow the desire of your heart when making a choice. Apart from your specialization, you can also offer other services especially during off-season.

  1. Learn from the experts

Becoming an assistant to a more experienced photographer can help you hone your skills or learn practical knowledge that you might not have learned in school. Observe how the professional photographer works and follow the right steps but avoid the mistakes and learn from them.

  1. Get the necessary permits or licenses

Applying for necessary permits and licenses can add credibility to your business. Potential clients will trust you more if you can show business permits and other important documents. Do not forget also to prepare your work portfolio because it is your best tool in enticing clients to try your services.

  1. Buy the right equipment

Be practical and wise in buying the things you need as a photographer. Find time to do a research on what brand, model, accessories, lenses and camera are best to use for your type of photography.

  1. Be visible online

Marketing a business online or what they term as internet marketing is quite popular nowadays. You can reach out to more potential customers online by being visible in different social networking sites. It is also a good move to build your own website and apply photography seo so internet users looking for your kind of service will see your website on the search result.

  1. Stay patient

Like other businesses or careers, it takes time to become successful. Be patient and just continue doing your best no matter what challenges you encounter. Through perseverance, you will soon enough reap the fruits of your labor.

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How Do I Choose My First DSLR Camera?

dslr cameraIn the past, most individuals who are into photography for work or just as a hobby use a simple a simple point and shoot camera to capture images of interesting subject. And over the years, with the evolving technology, photography also advanced to a higher level. Now, there are advanced cameras that are being used to capture and produce sharp images.

Why are DSLRs popular?

DSLR cameras are now considered by both amateur and professional photographers as the best type of camera to use. These DSLRs offer remarkable features that can help you produce professional photos that clients and yourself will surely be satisfied of.

For first-time DSLR buyers, it might be confusing to choose a DSLR among the many different brands and kinds available in the market today. DSLRs are generally more expensive than the old point and shoot or even the mirrorless cameras. You need to make sure you purchase the right one so your money won’t get wasted.

There are several factors to consider in choosing your first DSLR camera: budget, image sensor, type of photography, interchangeable lens and future advancement.

  1. Budget

Set how much you are willing to pay for a DSLR camera body. Keep in mind that you still have to buy lenses and other accessories for it. Invest only in what you can afford as a beginner

  1. Image sensor

Full frame DSLR cameras have larger images sensors that means better quality images as well as broader scope of view. On the other, APS cropped DSLRs have are smaller than full frame and at times the capture image don’t appear in full. If you can afford a full frame, then go buy one. It is surely better than APS-C. Wedding photographers Cheshire prefer full frame DSLR cameras than APS-Cs.

  1. Interchangeable lens

Generally, the lenses you can buy for your camera will depend on the brand of your camera body. The camera body and lens must be of the same brand in order to get the desired output image. If you choose Nikon, then you will have to stick with it. If you buy a Canon camera, then you will have to select Canon lenses. If you are into wedding photography, you can get helpful information from kent wedding photographers.

  1. Type of Photography

The type of photography you are into must be taken into consideration when you choose a DSLR. You have to check the specifications of each DSLR you are interested and evaluate if it suits your photography needs. Is it fast enough to capture movement in the football games you often cover or the flowing river you’d like to photograph? Is the camera fast enough? Does the camera work well in low light conditions? You will have to learn every important detail before making a choice.

  1. Future advancement

When after a few years you plan to buy another DSLR camera, the lenses of your old camera can be used for the new one if they are of the same brand. Thus, when contemplating on what DSLR to buy, consider possible advancement and choose the brand that you think is best for you to stick with. Shifting from one brand to another is quite costly so as early as now you will have to select the right one.

Reading online reviews of different camera brands and models can also help you choose a DSLR. You can also get helpful advice from professional photographers by joining online communities and forums. Make sure to do a careful research, canvass prices and compare specifications before doing a purchase so you won’t regret your choice.

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