How to Determine the Best Camera Bag for You

camera bagGetting into professional photography would require one to invest in photography equipment. Aspiring photographers need to buy cameras, lenses, and accessories. A professional DSLR camera alone already cost several hundred dollars so you will have to protect it and the rest of your equipment so they don’t get damaged.

As a professional photographer, you will be carrying your photography gear every now and then when taking pictures of people, events or things. And since you invested in them, you have to make sure that your stuff are secured and protected. You need a dependable camera bag where you can keep your gear safe and secure.

There is no one size fits all camera bag. You have to choose one from among several types of camera bags. You cannot just choose one that looks great or was recommended to you. You must pick one based on several important factors: type of photography you are into, budget, number of items you carry, comfort and special features.

Type of Photography

You are probably aware that there are many types of photography that professional photographers specialize in. It is important for you to consider your photography type when choosing a bag to purchase.

Wedding photographers and landscape photographers are among those who need a bigger bag since they have to travel and carry more stuff. On the other hand, street photographers and some event photographers usually carry only one camera and lens. Hence, if you plan to enter wedding photography hertfordshire, then go shop for back packs or rolling cases if you think you will be traveling often.


Some camera bags come in cheap price but not all cheap bags are durable so you have to carefully look into the quality of materials used. There are camera bags that are expensive and durable depending on the brand. Choose a brand that is trusted by many and proven to be durable so your investment is worthwhile.

Number of Items

Do you plan to carry more than 2 cameras every session? Do you need to bring along long lenses? Well, your camera bag must be able to fit in all your important items with extra space for additional stuff. If the camera bag has paddings and compartments of different sizes then much better. Our wedding photographer essex always makes sure that the camera bag can accommodate all items that he needs to carry when covering a wedding.


There are instances when you need to carry your items for a long time especially when traveling or carrying items for long hours. You need to consider the comfort the bag will give you when traveling or working on a project. Find a bag that is padded but not too heavy since its weight will make it more difficult to carry your stuff. Look into bags that have paddings yet made of aluminums making it lighter than the regular padded bags. A bag with aluminum spines is usually more expensive but is worth buying especially if you are going to travel a lot.

Special Features

Since the main purpose of our camera is to protect our stuff, then it is important to know the special features that a camera bag is offering when looking for the best camera bag. Being water resistant is an important feature in a camera bag. This will prevent your bag from getting wet and damaged due to rain or spilled water. Having padded small and big compartments is another special feature that can be seen in some camera bags. With padded compartments, you can easily organize your stuff so you can find them easily and your items don’t smash into one another.

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can effortlessly determine the best camera bag for you.

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