Choosing the Ideal Camera for Street Photography

street photography

The first question that enters our mind when we think of getting into street photography is “what is the ideal camera?” We picture ourselves holding DSLRs and later realize that DSLRs might not be the most suitable camera for street photography.

While DSLR can certainly give us sharp, brilliant images but then its size might be a problem especially since street photography involves traveling or walking here and there. A DSLR might be too heavy to carry or hang around the neck thus we have to look into other types of cameras who can be a better choice for street photography.

If you are planning to buy a camera anytime soon, here are several factors you need to consider.

  1. Size

An ideal camera for street photographer is one that is easy to carry, grab or hold when shooting and can fit in your pocket. Check out cameras that can be hung on the neck or placed in your jacket’s or pants’ pocket. There are modern point-and-shoot cameras that are small but loaded with great features to give you wonderful images.

  1. Ergonomics

Aside from DSLRs, the two other main types of cameras are point and shoot and mirrorless cameras. Check if the camera is easy to grip, sturdy and lightweight. Some photographers love to choose black and not too attractive cameras so the people they photograph won’t feel uncomfortable. Have a look also at the setting, controls of the camera and see if these are easy to understand and use.  Good examples are Ricoh GR II Digital Camera and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX 100 IV Digital Camera

  1. Shutter

A camera with a quiet shutter is great so you can take shots more discreetly. No sound will be heard so your chosen subject won’t notice that they are being photographed. Photographer Hampshire finds this very important.

  1. Speed

Speed is basically important in photography.  A mirrorless camera or a compact digital with a fast autofocus and continuous shooting is a good choice. There are fleeting moments that happen on the street and if you want to be able to catch them then a camera with these features can help.

  1. Sensor

The bigger the camera sensor, the better it is. This is because more light can enter into the camera if the sensor is big and of course more light can make your images look clean, clear and sharp.

  1. Weather proof

Since street photography involves photographing outdoors, it is vital to choose a camera that can withstand any weather disturbance. The camera must preferably be weather sealed so it doesn’t get damaged when it suddenly rains when you’re taking shots.

  1. LCD screen

A special feature that you can find in some cameras is the tilting LCD screen. It can be helpful for a photographer to easily view images although others find this feature not that important.

  1. Wi-fi

If you love sharing pictures online, then you can look for a camera that has a built-in wi-fi. You can upload the street photos you took right away to your social media accounts. This Surrey wedding photographer can easily share photos to clients so the clients ran review them before post production.

  1. Battery life

Cameras with long battery life can allow you to take more shots. Try to compare and ask recommendations from other photographers as to which camera has an impressive battery life.

To sum up, an ideal camera for street photography is a camera that is small, fast, quiet and has impressive special features.

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